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RaiseHand Medical

RaiseHand Medical allows patients to launch the doctor’s visit using links shared with them via email/SMS or by directly launching it from the patient portal. Upon launching the visit, the patient gets connected with a medical receptionist, who guides the them to complete the requisite paperwork, which is then followed by the patient being moved to the medical assistants’ queue who, in turn, reviews the patient’s history and gets more information about the illness. Here, moving patients between queues is as easy as dragging and dropping the patient card in the desired queue. The patient is then directed to the queue for the service provider - such as doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant- and is added to the checkout queue after the checkup. Thus, Raisehand makes possible virtual visits to the doctor that boast a complete medical office workflow, modeled along the lines of in-person visits.

The whole process is seamless for the patient who stays on same link for the entire duration of the visit. Even the wait times are optimally utilized by displaying health education martials or anything else the clinic desires to showcase.

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