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Advanced Telemedicine Software

Revolutionizing Virtual Healthcare with Advanced Interactivity,
Unparalleled Accessibility, and Optimized Clinical Workflows

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Groundbreaking new
features for optimal care:

Multi-stage patient flow for your
telehealth video and telephone visits

Drag and drop your patients from one care team member to another.
Patient stays on one link while care team moves the patient across telemedicine stages


Add translator with one click

When patient is moved translator
and guests move along the
patient automatically

Store-and-forward asynchronous telemedicine

A single tap no friction kiosk to connect patients with providers

Stay in a meeting regardless of
networks interruptions

RaiseHand automatically detects disconnections due to network issues & makes automated outbound telephone calls for visits to continue without interruption

Unified HIPAA compliant
telehealth system for
telephone calls and video visits

Unified system for telephone-based calls and internet-based calls

One-click, instant visit button for patients

Patients browsing a clinic’s website can immediately be added to RaiseHand’s queues

One-click, instant visit button for patients


HIPPA compliant one to one
and group chat for your clinic's team

RaiseHand Messenger


Raisehand converts oral
conversations into a written
format so providers can focus
on the patient

Patient education

Share health advice while patients wait for their next team member

Set up your own online urgent care

Self-initiated doctor visits from clinic website and phone calls

Patient flow
Patient flow

Patients can join using iOS devices, Android devices or the web browser

  • options Secure connection
  • options Simple navigation
  • options Intuitive layout
  • options Stable video conferencing

Your clinic in your pocket

A mobile telehealth app for the entire care team

Convenient way to engage your on-the-go care team members

raisehand medical app

Features that bring
equity to meetings

Visit and be visited by care team members

Invite care team members to your virtual exam rooms and join your care team members' rooms


Draw and discuss care plans with patients, medical panel and care team members

Whisper mode

Make your conversation audible only for the intended person and inaudible to others

Care team and panel discussions

Conduct your regular non patient meetings for panel discussions, staff meetings and more

Share multiple screens at the same time

Collaborate easily on work with multiple people being able to screen share at the same time

Queue for turn-tracking

Track turns of who raised hands in order to give them a chance to speak


Remind patients about
their upcoming meetings
in a variety of ways


SMS text

phone calls


Do not settle for an ordinary
telemedicine software.

Get the world's most advanced HIPAA compliant telehealth software platform!

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